Crystal River Cruises More Value for your money!

When we spend our hard earned money we want to get the most for it. Surprisingly, Crystal River Cruise and Ocean Cruises gives us just that. Crystal is the ultimate in All-inclusive 6 Star Service and Luxury, with Michelin inspired Cuisine.

Enjoy the flavors of the local region of the day as the chefs prepare fresh local cuisine for an authentic experience.

Things to expect from Crystal River Cruise. Gratuities are included as well as premium drinks from beer to Champagne.

When you stay on a Crystal River Cruise it will feel as if you are staying at a 6 Star Luxury Spa hotel. The Bathrooms don’t compare to other Cruise lines or river cruises, they go beyond.

Each Stay room catorgory comes with a butler. The ratio between Staff and Guest is 2 staff members to every guest. Ships are small and are easier to get on and off with ease. With an All Suite ship, you’re gonna love it here.

Crystal Cruise goes beyond Ocean Cruises and River Cruises. Crystal has Commerical Jets, Private, State of the art Coaches for tours, Car and Driver options. As well as the most hosted sailings around with unique destinations. And starting at $2499.00 pp you can have it all.

By Clarice Diaz – Travel Advisor

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Savannah’s Charm

As I lay on my bed this morning, I could not help, but miss Savannah’s Charm. From historic streets, buildings, to great conversations with locals and visitors alike and let’s Not forget the amazing food!

On my day of arrival, I chose to stay at the Hampton inn in Midtown to be closer to friends for a wedding that weekend. The hotel had a fresh look and smelled fresh and clean. The room I stood in was extremely spacious! Every morning they had breakfast from eggs to waffles, pastries and oatmeal, fresh smoothies and more. However if you want to get a real taste of Savannah, a must is the Hyatt or one of the local hotels on the river.

Get a room with a balcony overlooking the river for a nice romantic stay. Shops, restaurants and tours are all within walking distance and feels like a quaint little town. Take a Steam boat dinner cruise for a view from the river!

As you walk or drive down to the river you will feel as if you’re in Europe with cobble stone streets and old architecture. Take a tour to learn about the history or take a ghost tour, if you like getting spooked! There are hop on, hop off type of tours as well.

The parks here are lush with Plenty of Trees, grass and plant life. Street artist are everywhere!Not only is the BBQ great! But there are endless varieties of great restaurants serving great food! Here we are all eating at a Sushi restaurant and it was amazing! I’m the one at the end waving. 😂 Nothing like breaking bread with wonderful people. Savannah just might be my next home.

Blog by Clarice Diaz

Owner and Travel advisor of

Jet Set for Less, LLc

Accommodation Options and What to Expect at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

For many families visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is a dream come true. Adults and children both enjoy a variety of activities and amenities at Walt Disney World. However, in order to enjoy the park, you need to find a place to stay. There are almost as many accommodation options at Walt Disney World. Let’s take a look at what to expect and offer a few tips to help you decide where to stay.

Resort Location

Disney World Resort hotels are located all around the property and are positioned near the individual theme parks. If you plan on spending more of your time at any particular theme park you may decide that it makes sense to stay near that park. If you’re getting an all parks pass then you can enter and leave the theme park without having to wait in long lines. That means you can head back to your hotel for a swim and a nap before returning to the park for evening activities. 

You can find resorts in The Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Downtown Disney and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Area. 

Resort Category

Do you have a preference when it comes to accommodations? For example, do you love camping and the lodge experience or do you prefer the feel of a seaside resort? Disney accommodations are divided into moderate, luxury, and value resort hotels. You can also enjoy villas and a camping experience. 

There are family friendly resorts and resorts designed for adults who appreciate luxury and high end accommodations. And of course you can enjoy the best of both worlds at a moderate resort. 

What to Expect

At any Disney resort, regardless of the nightly rate you can expect to be treated like a welcomed guest. You can also expect a wide variety of dining options in and around your hotel and transportation options around the park. Resorts all have pools so bring your swimsuit. Each resort has their own activities and events so check with the hotel staff to find out what is in store for you. Enjoy nightly concerts and family friendly events as well as behind the scenes opportunities. 

Each resort can help you plan your stay and provide you with the reservation assistance and ticketing assistance that you and your family need. Disney has a reputation for top quality guest accommodations, they’re committed to making your stay memorable.