Ways to do Europe!

Oh the ways to do Europe! Typically people fly into Europe, but did you ever think about Cruising to Europe? And seeing different ports such as Italy, Spain, France and Portugal?

Or how about a River Cruise through Europe? With pre and post package stays in your city of departure? Tour Castles and shops, eat the local dishes, and do some wine tasting at some of the oldest vineyards in various regions.

Most hosted river cruises include a Private Car and driver for a private tour or shopping, cafes etc… River cruising is such a treat as you get pampered in Luxury; some River cruise lines even provide butler service for every room.

The vessels are smaller than a large ship so it’s easy to get on and off quickly with much fewer crowds. There is a higher staff to guest ratio so everyone is always comfortable and needs are always met. The staff on these River Cruises usually speak English.

Another great way to see Europe is by Train!

Once you fly into the city of your choice jump on the Europe express and you are on your way! You can go from one city to another in no time! Take in the beautiful views while having a conversation with a glass of wine in hand.

There are options for coach or first class and meals are provided for first class passengers. You can take time and stay a night or so at each stop you choose; explore them, get back on the train to see the next region or city.

Stay at a hotel, apartment, bed and Breakfast or stay in a fully staffed villa!

So walk, backpack, bike, rent a moped or drive a car through Europe! Eat with the locals at their home for authentic experience! If you can, get VIP Access! For private behind the scene tours! For places such as the Vatican, Palace of Versailles, Notre Dame de Paris and many other landmarks and historical sites.

What ever you do, you are sure to have a fabulous time in the old world.😃

-Clarice-Travel Advisor

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